As Inconceivable As It May Seem, There’s Now a Princess Bride iOS Game

As Inconceivable As It May Seem, There's Now a Princess Bride iOS Game
There’s really two kinds of people in this world: Those who love The Princess Pride, and those who haven’t yet seen (or read) The Princess Bride. Most are probably far more familiar with the movie than the book, which according to Wikipedia is featured in numerous best-of lists, and despite the film being a modest success at the box office, it’s since gone on to become a cult hit. And, like most movies that actually are worth watching, it’s sadly not on Netflix so you’re going to have to get a little more creative to see it- Like dropping $5 on the DVD or $10 on the Bluray.

Anyway, like all popular IP out there, it was more or less inevitable that it’d eventually show up on iOS in some form. Thankfully, it’s not an endless runner. Per the trailer, it’s a collection of four fan-service-filled mini-games including avoiding shrieking eels, climbing the cliffs of insanity, sword dueling, and wrestling. An update is coming that adds the fire swamp:

How badly you need this game likely hinges heavily on how much you love The Princess Bride. Since, as mentioned, everyone loves The Princess Bride (aside from internet curmudgeons who I’m sure will swarm the comments), so it seems at least worth considering.

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