Behind the Back Free to Play Endless Runner Review – It’s Just like ‘Temple Run’

Behind the Back Free to Play Endless Runner Review - It's Just like 'Temple Run'There’s a free game that hit the App Store recently which you may have seen featured by Apple, or even potentially climbing the free charts. If you like games, and especially like free games that feature progression through playing over and over again collecting some type of in-game currency to then spend on various unlockables which could be cosmetic or performance related, you should consider giving this one a look. It’s a gameplay loop that works well, and is incredibly conducive to both quick play sessions where just one run offers a bit of progress, but when you get close to unlocking the next thing the “just one more try” factor often increases.

The game is played in portrait mode, and features a character and setting you might be familiar with. It’s easily played with one hand, and the goal is to see how far you can run without hitting whatever stopping point you reach whether it’s falling, dying, or something similar. While running, you’ll come across several obstacles which will be in your path. You’ll need to swipe with your thumb right or left to avoid objects that block a part of your path, or maybe even swipe up or down to jump or slide to avoid obstacles which cover the entire path.

If you run far enough, you’ll likely even come across obstacles which require you to do something slightly different to deviate from this formula such as tilting your device or tapping the screen. Doing this often also rewards the player with in-game currency which, as mentioned before, allows you to unlock various cosmetic and performance enhancing upgrades. Of course, if collecting this in-game currency is taking too long, there’s always the in-game store which sells it for anywhere between 99? and $99.99, or maybe even free if you’re willing to sit through a brief video advertisement.

These unlockables include new characters to play as or outfits/skins for those characters to wear. I always choose to unlock the upgrades first which actually increase your overall performance in game, figuring that this will help me earn more in-game currency which you can then spend on the cosmetic upgrades. Power ups included in the game include your standard run of the mill invincibility, a boost that flings your character forward, a magnet to attract the in-game currency, and more. Which upgrades you unlock first is a matter of personal preference, although I tend to lean towards the magnet myself.

The graphics of the game are about what you’d expect, and it features both sound effects and music that are in line with the environment the game is set in. If you’re interested in comparing scores with friends, keep an eye out for that functionality in the game which is featured via the use of Twitter, Facebook, or Game Center. If you really find yourself enjoying the game, we recommend checking out the in-game store and picking up a coin doubler.

If you’re in the market for a free game that you can download without paying for anything, give this one a look. Also, if you find yourself really enjoying games where you run as far as you can, collect in-game currency, and unlock stuff along the way, chances are you’ll enjoy this one quite a bit- Particularly if you have strong personal or nostalgic ties to the world the game is set in.

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