Best iPhone and iPad Game of the Week: 1/9/15 – ‘Drop Wizard’

We’re finally at the point where new games are coming out, and it’s great to start highlighting the best of them again. This week we only had one high scoring game, but this has also been a great week for releases so next Friday’s Best Of post should be pretty beefy I’m thinking. Hopefully.

Best iPhone and iPad Game of the Week: 1/9/15 - 'Drop Wizard'

Drop Wizard, $1.99 [Review] – I absolutely love Neutronized’s pixel art stylings. They added a lot of flair to their previous games Roar Rampage [$0.99] and Lost Yeti [$1.99], though both were darn good games in their own rights. Now they’ve returned with another pixelly game, and one that pays homage to single-screen arcade classics like Bubble Bobble with Drop Wizard [$1.99]. It’s definitely a game that’s paying homage to the classics, and feels like it’d be a great fit in an arcade cabinet from 25 years ago or so. But Neutronized don’t just rest on their laurels with the retro homage, they actually make a game that’s remarkably clever in and of itself.

Additionally, we reviewed a few other games this week. As always, you can dig into all of our reviews by clicking here. Alternatively, you can hit up specific scores by using these links:

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