Brutal Quick-Reflex Action Game ‘Dark Slash 2′ Soft Launched

Veewo Game has soft-launched an interesting little fast-paced action game in Australia and New Zealand, entitled Dark Slash 2. You control a warrior in the middle of an arena, being confronted by zombies, archers, demon swordsmen, and more baddies that want to take you out. You can drag around the screen to move around, but tapping to do a dash attack to the spot you tap in is the way to attack but also to swiftly move around, dodging sudden attacks. It’s intuitive and the game is all about staying on your toes with the constant barrage of threats.

Brutal Quick-Reflex Action Game 'Dark Slash 2' Soft Launched

This is the sequel to Dark Slash [$0.99], obviously, albeit going free-to-play instead of being $0.99. Such are the realities of the free-to-play markeet. The game has just the one soft currency to collect, which can be used to buy powerups and revives, with currency doublers and special characters available as IAP. No clue on when this one will be worldwide, it could be soon as the game feels content-complete, though there’s tweaking with the IAP that could be done. Regardless, this one in its current form shows enough to keep an eye on once it hits worldwide. We have a forum thread talking about the game, where you can join in on with other early players if you’re so inclined.

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