DeNA Launches Another Premium Puzzler, ‘Unpixelate’

DeNA Launches Another Premium Puzzler, 'Unpixelate'
DeNA has launched the third in their series of PC and console puzzle games being adapted and renamed for mobile. Unpixelate [$2.99] follows in the footsteps after Wavefront [$2.99] and Polyform [$2.99] were released on the App Store in 2014. Unpixelate is based on Puzzle Dimension, which released for Steam in 2010. The game’s gotten a bit of a visual makeover, but is still about navigating 3D levels, trying to collect all the flowers in the level and reaching the exit, while dealing with various traps and hazards on the 3D courses. There’s 100 levels in total to check out. Here’s a trailer for the PC version that shows off some of what to expect:

The game has launched for $2.99 without any IAP, which is definitely interesting for DeNA, one of the big free-to-play companies. It’s still not clear why they’re releasing premium puzzle games that are renamed adaptations of previous titles, but the last two they released were solid, and I’d like to see premium games have a future along with free-to-play. So if you don’t like free-to-play, consider this a powerful opportunity to vote with your wallet?

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