‘Earthcore: Shattered Elements’ Card Battler with Interesting Crafting System Soft Launched in Canada

Tequila Games has been hard at work on their upcoming card battler Earthcore: Shattered Elements for a while now, and if you want to give it a shot, the game has soft launched in Canada. The game is currently only available for iPad in the soft launch, but it will be coming to iPhone down the road. Card crafting is a core part of this game, with the developers claiming that it will be possible to create hundreds of thousands of new cards by fusing together existing ones. As well, a risk system is in play, where more powerful cards can be played, but at a potential greater loss of health to the player in battle.

The game boasts both a singleplayer campaign to go along with online PvP battles, with both leagues and tournaments to take part in. Card games are rather popular, and the crafting system sounds interesting enough, so this is one worth keeping an eye on. Plus, if you’re a fan of playing soft launch games, this is the last one you might get to try out for a bit as the iTunes freeze is on. You can join our forum thread to chat about the game with others who have already been playing.

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