Endless Runner/Whipper ‘Jack B. Nimble’ Updated with Game Center and New Winter Level

Endless Runner/Whipper 'Jack B. Nimble' Updated with Game Center and New Winter Level
Endless runners are a dime a dozen on the App Store, but there’s one that’s unique enough that it’s been holding my attention ever since it released in late September. That game is Jack B. Nimble [$1.99] from indie developer Sean Noonan. Obviously it’s an auto-runner where the speed gradually increases as you jump from platform to platform and try to avoid falling to your death, but it adds a clever Castlevania-inspired whipping mechanic into the mix which also has you trying to whip candlesticks to increase your score multiplier while simultaneously avoiding falling to your death. The added mechanic adds an extra layer of franticness and a risk/reward proposition as sometimes going for those candlesticks can seriously throw off your running and jumping rhythm. This is all tied together with visuals that are a very faithful homage to the original Game Boy and a killer soundtrack.

We quite enjoyed the initial release of Jack B. Nimble in our review, and in late October the game was updated for Halloween with a new playable character, the pumpkin-headed Jack O. Lantern, and an Old London themed new level with a tweaked color palette. Over the weekend, another new update landed for Jack B. Nimble, this time adding in a Winter themed level called Bitter Bluffs. It features a more grayscale color palette and falling snow, as you can see in this animated .gif.

In addition to the new Bitter Bluffs level, this update also includes Game Center leaderboard support, something that was sorely missing in a high-scoring game like this. Over in our forums, the developer has stated that work has already begun on yet another new update that will include a new level (or two), a new character (or two), new colour schemes and the addition of Game Center Achievements! That update is planned for some point in the new year, so if you enjoy endless runners with a twist and haven’t checked out Jack B. Nimble, I’d definitely recommend giving it a look.

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