Fantastic Platformer ‘Bloo Kid 2′ Updated with New Levels and Modes

Fantastic Platformer 'Bloo Kid 2' Updated with New Levels and Modes
I love platformers, and there are tons of great ones on iOS in all shapes and sizes. One of my very favorite Mario-like platformers is Wonderworks’ Bloo Kid 2 [Free], which I picked as one of my personal favorite games of 2014. It’s colorful, well-designed, and the running and jumping physics feel fantastic. Today a new update has made the game even better by adding in a new fifth world with 9 new levels, a new Nightmare difficulty and two new game modes. The new modes are Time Attack and Boss Rush, and they’ll unlock along with the new difficulty option once you’ve beaten the normal Story Mode once. Here’s the game’s launch trailer.

If you like traditional platforming games, I just can’t recommend Bloo Kid 2 enough. It’s especially easy to appreciate when comparing to the original Bloo Kid [$1.99 / Free], which launched in 2011 and is a pretty great platformer in its own right. But Bloo Kid 2 just feels like a huge leap forward, and leaves me excited at the prospect of a Bloo Kid 3. So if you’re already a fan be sure to check out the new update, and if you’re new to the series definitely give the little blue guy a shot.

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