‘NFL Quarterback 15′ and ‘NFL Kicker 15′ Updated for Super Bowl XLIX

'NFL Quarterback 15' and 'NFL Kicker 15' Updated for Super Bowl XLIX
It’s that time of year again, football fans. You know what I mean. The Big Game. Oh hell, I’ll just say it: the Super Bowl is coming! (please don’t sue us NFL). Here in America, the Super Bowl is like an unofficial holiday. All productivity comes to a halt as people kick back, eat and drink way too much, and watch who comes away with the NFL’s biggest prize. In celebration of this big event, two NFL games from Full Fat have been updated with new Super Bowl XLIX content.

First up is NFL Quarterback 15 [$0.99] which tasks you with making perfect passes and completing mini-games in the role of quarterback. Then there’s NFL Kicker 15 [$0.99] which –you guessed it–gives you similar type goals to accomplish but this time as the often under-appreciated kicker of the team. Both games feature all 32 NFL teams complete with accompanying uniforms and equipment. That includes the four current Super Bowl hopefuls the Patriots, Seahawks, Packers and Colts. The new update adds the University of Phoenix Stadium, the site of this year’s Super Bowl, to both games along with a snazzy Super Bowl-themed UI.

If you somehow aren’t familiar with Full Fat, they basically perfected the sports mini-game genre with Deadball Specialist back in mid-2010, a soccer-themed flick-kicking game. They expanded on their flicking expertise with more soccer, rugby and golf flicking games in the years since. Both NFL Quarterback 15 and NFL Kicker 15 don’t do anything drastic to shake up the flicking formula, but it’s awesome to have a couple of officially licensed NFL games to play heading into the Super Bowl. Both games are just a buck, so if you’re a fan of the NFL or flicking games in general they’re definitely worth checking out.

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