Predictably, ‘Floppy Cloud’ is Gone From the App Store

Predictably, 'Floppy Cloud' is Gone From the App StoreIf anyone was keeping time, now is when you stop the clock. Yesterday we posted about Floppy Cloud, which is the latest emulator to sneak on the App Store. Well, just as predicted, it’s been since removed from the App Store. It’s worth repeating again that if you downloaded a copy of Floppy Cloud, be sure to keep a backup of the .ipa file somewhere in case you ever want to install it again.

This once again goes to show that if you really care about running emulators on your iOS devices, the best thing to do is follow our guide on jailbreaking and installing emulators. Apple has shown over and over they’re not cool with emulators on the App Store, and if playing old games is what you’re into, you’re just going to have a way better experience in the jailbreak emulation ecosystem than keeping your fingers crossed that you don’t miss out on the next sub-24 hour window that an emulator sneaks out and gets popular.

But, hey, if you were lucky enough to snag it while it was up on the App Store, you’ve got a neat piece of App Store history to keep in a folder along with Awesome Baby Names and other sneaky apps.

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