‘Satellina’ is a Puzzling Survival Game Coming Soon

Developer Moon Kid has just announced their new game Satellina, a sort of combination of an arena survival game like Helix [$2.99], mixed with puzzle elements. The goal is to move your + icon avatar around the level, collecting the green particles on-screen. There are yellow and red particles as well, and these need to be avoided. Once all the green particles are collected, the yellow particles turn green, and the red turn yellow. As such, the goal is to clear the screen of particles entirely. There’s also a speedrunning component as levels come grouped in suites of 5 each, and the total time to complete a suite is tracked.

The puzzle aspect comes in where each level is the same setup each time, with plenty of moving parts to contend with. However, everything moves in patterns that just need to be deciphered, but also properly navigated in order to clear them. The game uses a 1:1 offset touch control system, where you can touch and drag anywhere on the screen to move your avatar. The game’s suites are structured in a way where completing one unlocks two more in a pyramid formation, so if you get stuck, there’s generally something new to do. The game releases first on iOS, and on January 22nd.

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