There’s a Hot Tub Time Machine iOS Game Now Because Sure Why Not

MGM seems to be on a fast track of releasing iOS games for a really odd selection of movies lately. Last week we saw The Princess Bride – The Official Game [$3.99] which actually charted insanely well and is rocking some ridiculously positive iTunes reviews. This week, Hot Tub Time Machine: Tap That [Free] is now a thing that exists in this world.

There's a Hot Tub Time Machine iOS Game Now Because Sure Why Not

If you never saw the original movie, the basic premise was that these guys found a hot tub which was also a time machine. (The title may have tipped you off on that one.) The sequel, coming this year follows the events of the film with the guys living in a world they’ve been able to exploit due to their knowledge of the future. There’s a red band trailer if that sounds interesting to you.

Apparently the game spans the events of both movies. If you loved Hot Tub Time Machine and just so happen to love hidden object games with loads of mini games, you might as well check out this game. If nothing else, it’s free to see how good (or bad) it is.

Update: We’ve been asked to remove the gameplay trailer by the game’s PR rep.

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