Innovative Narrative Puzzle Game ‘Framed’ Goes Free for Australia Day

Innovative Narrative Puzzle Game 'Framed' Goes Free for Australia Day
One of the more creative narrative-driven games from 2014 has just gone free for Australia Day, in Framed [$4.99]. This game has you rearranging comic panels to advance the story, utilizing spatial awareness to help get the protagonist of the scene from ledge to ledge, room to room, and out of the way of those pursuing them. It jumps from character to character, and introduces new types of puzzles as you go on, experiencing the narrative that unfolds all without words.

The game is normally $4.99, so this is a huge discount for Framed. While I personally wasn’t a huge fan in my review, I was one of the few dissenting voices who loved the game among critics, and Hideo Kojima called it his game of the year of 2014. As well, some of my criticisms were addressed by Joshua Boggs of Loveshack Entertainment, who said that through playtesting showed a certain type of puzzle worked better. The game was definitely interesting enough that I highly recommend downloading it for free – it’s unique enough that at worst, it’s an interesting failure, though you may just love it like many people did. Hop on this freebie while you can, it may just end as soon as Australia Day festivities come to a close.

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