‘Puzzle Blitz’ from ‘Compression’ and ‘TanZen’ Creator Releasing in January

Little White Bear has been kicking around on the App Store for a while making puzzle games, and I put plenty of time into Compression [$2.99 / Free (HD)] back in the day. Well, they’ve got a new game in the works that’s releasing on January 8th, entitled Puzzle Blitz. This promises to combine both tangram puzzles with the fast-paced gameplay that modern puzzle games tend to offer. The game tosses a tangram puzzle your way, where you must arrange block fragments together to solve the puzzle presented. The thing is, you have to solve these in short order, as there’s a ticking clock counting down all the while.

Each solved puzzle gives you more time on the clock, so the game becomes a race to keep solving puzzles and preserve as much time as possible. Score is all about how many puzzles you solve before time runs out, so finding ways to solve those puzzles swiftly and recognizing where blocks fit is crucial. There are 450 puzzles total that pop up throughout the game. The game releases on January 8th, 2015, for $1.99.

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