‘Super Glyph Quest’ Gets Content Update in Time for Christmas

'Super Glyph Quest' Gets Content Update in Time for Christmas
Super Glyph Quest [$0.99] is quite popular around these parts, as we were big fans of the game in our review, and the forum thread is several hundred posts strong, with the developers joining in and chatting about the game. It’s a game that’s still growing, too, as it’s just gotten a nice content update for Christmas. There’s a new location, the Frozen North, where players have to take on Ice Goblins and Arctic Trolls, and meet new characters Ice Queen Yngvill and Julenir, completing quests for them. There’s new items to collect, and an overhauled Adventure system to boot.

There’s a big update in the works for early next year too, so fans of the game have a lot to stay tuned for. The game does a lot to improve and expand upon the original Glyph Quest [Free] and even throws in some of the characters from Hatoful Boyfriend, the top pigeon dating simulator of 2014. If you’re not sick of match-3 RPGs, keep an eye on this.

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