‘Yak Dash’ is the Game About Yak Racing You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Mutant Labs, creators of Half-Inch Heist [Free], the challenging survival game, have announced their latest title, which promises more yaks than any of their previous releases: Yak Dash: Horns of Glory. This is a 2D racer in the vein of something like Hill Climb Racing, but with fewer cars, and more yaks. The whole game is inspired by Tibetan yak racing, which is an actual thing and is awesome. Check out the trailer for Yak Dash:

Now here’s some footage of actual yak racing in Tibet:

This raises an important question, which is: why have so few games used yak racing as a premise? Well, I’m glad Mutant Labs is filling this gaping void. Their take on yak racing is a bit more outlandish than the real thing, what with the mid-air stunts and flips, which I don’t think real yaks can do. But there will be plenty of other yak racers to take on across 17 levels, racing against other players’ ghosts, and of course plenty of customization for one’s rider and yak, because riding a yak is cool, but looking cool while riding a yak is extra-cool. Oh yeah. No release date is available yet, unfortunately, because I’m ready to race some yaks.

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